The point

Since 2014, located in the heart of Thessaloniki where the city's soul and appetite converge, Roots welcomes you to the charming cobbled streets of Balanou Street. Join us from 1 PM to 11 PM for an unforgettable vegan culinary adventure and delightful early evening drinks.

The kitchen

Compact and dynamic, our kitchen is a fusion of Mediterranean gastronomy with vegan innovation. We transform fresh ingredients and select raw materials into exciting vegan versions of beloved Greek and international dishes. From vegan ceviche to gyro, our tables offer the answer to culinary satisfaction through our roots-inspired cuisine.

The bar

Early drinks, cocktails & aperitivos along with sensational vegan food? Cheers to that! The roots bar introduces the philosophy of "early drinks" in the city, setting up a fascinating list of drinks to accompany your food. Cocktails based on Greek gin or mastic? Cheers -again and again- to that!

The space

Take root in one of Thessaloniki's most distinctive architectural gems, a survivor of the 1917 Fire. At Roots, we offer a minimalist interior design, harmoniously blending stone, wood, and exotic decor motifs across three levels. Join us indoors or on our outdoor pavement space to immerse yourself in the unique fusion of history and modernity that defines Roots.

The stories

The New York Times, Greek media outlets, and countless tourists have shared their praise for Roots on various review platforms. However, the true "epic" of Roots is penned by its loyal patrons who keep returning to pick up where they left off, sharing their stories from the last time they walked through our doors. With a modern urban vibe and a cosmopolitan appeal, Roots is your ultimate "hangout" spot. Stay awhile, savor the cuisine, soak in the ambiance, groove to the music, and connect with great people!"

Our Table

Fantastic vegan restaurant in a quiet part of Thessaloniki, away from the crowds. The food is delicious and creative.

Keith Thorne
Local Guide · 44 reviews

Really great vegetarian/vegan place, we went for a late lunch and it was very satisfying. Recommended to everyone, even those who aren't vegan 😉

Giulia Bovolato
17 reviews

This is THE restaurant to go to in Thessaloniki for all vegans and vegetarians AND anyone who loves incredibly good food. We love the food. And quite frankly, we would not know how to survive here without this place.

olga erik mironenko pruyt
26 reviews

It was my first time going to a restaurant in Greece, and what an experience it was! Wonderful food, very pleasant service and I like the vibe.

Marko K.
Local Guide · 12 reviews