roots | made vegan for all

The "elite" of Greek street food and global all time classics are excitingly transformed into their vegan version at the core of roots: in his kitchen!

The menu is renewed twice a year, creatively following the seasonal raw materials that the earth generously offers!

Fresh oregano, real vegetables full of flavor from Greece and the Mediterranean, but also rare products - such as organic minced meat from sunflower seeds - reach the hands of the chef and his team and translate into "the ultimate vegan for everyone"!

eat as roots’ foodies eat

Try the vegan feta, the vegan gyro and the vegan style Greek yogurt!

Enjoy the ceviche in its vegan version or dive into the -talk of the town- vegan burger, in the company of the most crispy country potatoes of Thessaloniki and you will understand, one by one, the reasons why... what happens in the roots kitchen, makes the town talk!

THE! drink selection

It's not just another drinks list. It is an ode to the spirit of the Mediterranean and to Greek brio.

The roots bar experimented with Greek flavors and Mediterranean aromas, using top quality local ingredients to create unique cocktails and drinks. Greek gin, Athenian vermouth, mastic, lemon, black olive and other wonderful ingredients, in a list that becomes an experience.

Combine your vegan Greek salad with a very Greek cocktail and turn your meal into an experience!

Follow your roots & pop up delights

Follow the "roots". They will lead you on revealing culinary paths! We make sure to always stay restless and serve innovative vegan suggestions that are then spread by word of mouth.

Theme days with the roots kitchen creating vegan sushi or a pop up kitchen at the Vegan Festival, with roots serving vegan shrimps -which you can't find in the market- are just some of the things you can suddenly enjoy, an indifferent Wednesday in the city... if you stay tuned to your roots, your roots.